InfoSec Focused Positions


Target only information security job seekers, not the masses

multiple jpg   16,000 visitors per month

clipboard jpg45% of visitors apply for jobs

newspaper jpg   4500 applications per week

magnifying glass jpg5500 job views per week

target jpg7.3 applications per job

The InfoSec Connect difference is our connection to and understanding of the information security professional market, and our dedication to connecting the information security community with opportunity.

  • Information Security Specialty: The ONLY InfoSec dedicated job board.
  • Success:  Anyone can report a bunch of traffic to their website.  But what matters to us, and to you, is results. Our focus is driving qualified candidates to apply for your jobs.
  • Employment branding:  Our postings enhance your employer brand to the people who matter most – those you’re trying to attract.
  • Not intrusive: We don’t require job seekers pay for a membership or even have an account to view your job listings.  Candidates have fewer barriers to apply, increasing your success rate of capturing sought after talent.
  • Live help:  Our team of U.S. based professionals are available via phone and email with hands-on support when you need it.
  • Visibility:  Greater visibility with the information security candidates you need.
  • All Hands on Deck: When you need it, we also offer hands on sourcing support, information security recruiting support and employment branding services.
  • Value:  Quality service at an affordable price? Yes, you can have it all.