information security employer resources

With more than 20 years experience recruiting in the information security industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about what can help you be successful in this market.  Here are some information security employer resources we’ve put together that you may find helpful.  We plan to update the content regularly so please check back, and let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see us cover.

Tips for Information Security Job Postings

5 Steps to a Great Information Security Job Posting

Information Security Job Posting

5 tips to help you craft a great information security job posting and attract top job candidates.

Information Security Candidate Sourcing Tips

Hiring in Information Security: Why it Requires a Different Approach

hiring in information securityThe truth is, hiring in information security can’t follow the same approach you use to hire other employees in your company. Check out our tips for improving your success.

Getting your Head in the Game: Sourcing Information Security Candidates

Sourcing Information Security Candidates

5 tips for getting your head in the game to achieve success when sourcing information security candidates.

Information Security Candidate Sourcing: The Long Game

Information Security Candidate Sourcing

When your job entails information security candidate sourcing, it is important to recognize talent even when you don’t have a position to fill right now.

Information Security Interview Tips

Don’t Waste My Time: Interviewing the Employed

Interviewing the Employed

When it comes to interviewing the employed, if you want top talent, you have to be smart.

Stop Overanalyzing Resumes!

Overanalyzing Resumes

We implore you to stop overanalyzing resumes.  Why you should get to know the talent behind the paper, and what you might be missing if you don’t.

Information Security Job Market

2016: A Great Year for Cyber Security Jobs

2016 Cyber Security Jobs

The outlook for 2016 cyber security jobs is strong, with demand for professionals outpacing supply.