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Recorded ISSA Webinar: Internships – Do They Really Work?

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) recently hosted a webinar Internships: Do They Really Work?  InfoSec Connect’s Domini Clark and Erin Hansen were on hand as panelists to lend their perspectives about internships in the information security field.

Internships can be a great way to test drive a career in cybersecurity and get a sense of the typical day in the life of a practitioner. Learn from the experts about what it’s really like to intern in the cybersecurity field and what it’s like to apply lessons learned in a real world environment.

View a recording of the webinar on YouTube here.


Government Cyber Internships

U.S. Government Cyber Internships

Federal agencies have been consistently rated highly rated as “ideal employers” by Universum’s study of 81,707 computer science students.  For instance, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Institutes of Health, Peace Corps, Department of State, and NSA have been ranked highly in the study.  The enormous talent gap in information security is driving the need for government entities to up the ante as they compete against the private sector for top student talent.  Thankfully, this competition has resulted in a few little known benefits to cyber security students: Continue reading U.S. Government Cyber Internships

Cyber Internships

Cyber Internships: Where Should I Start?

You may be one of the few students out there that already has a clear picture of where your career will take you and what you want to do with your next four years.  If so, you probably already have your first, second, and third year cyber internships selected.  Most students, on the other hand, are still searching and a little unsure about what the next step will be.  This is EXACTLY why internships are important!  An internship will allow you to test drive a career and see what fits you best in the real world.  Now, where to start? Continue reading Cyber Internships: Where Should I Start?